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    Mithamain Upazila

    Mithamoin (Bengali: মিঠামইন, romanized: Mithamoin) is an upazila (subdistrict) of Kishoreganj District in northern Bangladesh, located in the Dhaka Division.[1] It is best known as the home upazila of Abdul Hamid, the current President of Bangladesh.

    The area has been inhabited for centuries. The name of Mithamain can be found in James Rennell's 1781 map of Bengal. The upazila was named after the village of Mithamain. Its etymology is rumored to be that at one time there was a large reed forest in the vicinity of the area. The reed was sweet, and the name of the village came to Mithabon (মিঠাবন sweet forest) which was corrupted to Mithamon and later Mithamain/Mithamoin in the local dialect. During the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971, 28 Bengalis were murdered in the village of Dhubajura and 3 in Telikhai on 1 November. Boira was a site of mass killing. On 7 November 1983, Mithamain Thana was upgraded to an upazila.[1]

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